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My Favicon Rocks!

What is a Favicon Icon?
It is the icon beside your homepage's name on top of your browser.
Note: We may have different browser. I use Google Chrome.

Noticed the "N" symbol beside "NATHAN BLOGGERS PORTAL"? That's a favicon icon. It's cool right? ^-^

Where did I get that cool icon?
I got it here from the far side of the blogosphere. www.iconj.com

It has this cool feature of making animated favicon! I'm still working on it though. All their services are for free but it may not stay that way always. So what are you waiting for? Grab it while it's free!

How do you insert it into your blog?
It needs some tweaking with your HTML but I'll guide you along the way ^-^
1. Select a favicon icon that you like.
2. Copy the codes provided by the site.
3. Open HTML editor of your blogger.
4. Search (press ctrl+f then type the word your looking for)
5. The copied codes goes between and
6. Paste it!
7. Save it!
8. View your blog.
9. Adore your favicon icon. ^-^
10. Don't use "N" favicon icon.

Boy! do I love my favicon..uhmm..anyways.."N" is mine!


Dreamchaser214 said...

nice post bro! i got another widget from ur site..i already used it in my blogs.. yhey! (^c^,)™


Nathan Lanza said...

you're welcome! ^-^

earningstep said...

nice . thanks a lot for sharing this . actually i was looking for this long time a go

Nathan Lanza said...

I'm glad you find my post helpful.

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