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Video Archives - Mel And Joey

Just wanted to share a video of a TV show "Mel and Joey" here in the Philippines featuring blogs as a new trend in earning additional income streams. Actually this is kind of old since this video was aired in 2007.

The video featured Abe Olandres a.k.a. Yuga owner of YugaTech.com. I started to have an eagerness to learn about blogging when I saw Yuga and his blog in Business Magazine as an example of the new trend in e-marketing back in 2008. Didn't know anything about blogging back then but now I am thankful that I've started it and learn more about it as I blog.


Dreamchaser214 said...

hehe..cool, you can certainly find hidden treasures in old archives. CONGRATS! lumalago itong blog mo.. you deserve it, masipag ka naman eh.

Very informative, nice layout and the contents are well organized. Your blog is a must read for all newbies in blogging.. Good work!

I believe in you. I would continue to promote your site in pinoynet.

- AB (^c^,)™

nathan said...

@dreamchaser214 thanks! ok tlga mga comments mo.. Enjoy! ^-^

Benjamin Cip said...

Is it thanks to this video that you started blogging?

nathan said...

@benjaminclip oh yeah.. I got curious how Mr. Yuga earns 200k a month, well in our currency that is.

Since I also love writing I ended up blogging. ^-^ I'm going to make a new blog but I need a team since I will be selling some stuffs. Stuffs and services I offer and sell.

danny said...

Hi, I put Your link on my blog. Check it out...

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