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LinkReferral Review

LinkReferral is a website that offers free traffic and reviews for your site. It uses the concept "viral traffic" generation. This is a good way to promote your blog and gain exposure to the blogosphere for free. I just wanted to put a little emphasis on this since I believe, "the best things in life is for free".

What is a Viral Traffic?
This is how it works. Person A refers person B then person B refers person C and D and the process goes on and on. Person A gets some points in referring someone which in this case is transformable to free traffic visits and site reviews and receives a portion of the traffic from person B.

LinkReferral allows you to visit 30 sites in a day in exchange of free visits to your site from other members. The ratio is 1:1 visit but that changes when your ranking gets higher.

Here are some tips to increase your site's exposure:
  1. Focus your efforts on subdirectories - subdirectories usually has lesser competition and thus it is easier to get your site be ranked at the top on that specific directory.
  2. Leave comments on blog you visit - comment something informative and write your URL as well to make him visit your site.
  3. Choose your favorite sites carefully - the owner of the site is informed when someone choose their site as a favorite therefore choose a site that may help you in the long run.
  4. Post something informative at the forum - forums contain informations for those who has some questions that aren't yet answered about the site and it's services and putting up a good name is one way to boost your site's exposure.
  5. Look for friends - be friend with bloggers that may help you such as link partners, traffic sharing, reviewing each other's blog, exchanging ideas and others more.
  6. Be wiser - be ranked at the top is a good idea but that isn't the only way to get your site exposed to the public.
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If you have any more questions just leave a comment on this post and I'll get back at you shortly.


the Myudiks said...

it's like multimarketing :-)

Nathan Lanza said...

yeah! In the philippines, it's more known as "pyramiding" but without the bad reputation ^-^

rowena caro said...

hi than i will surely try this, ngayong weekend.. thanks for sharing...:)

Nathan Lanza said...

you're welcome!

AB Bonita said...

Nice! This is what i like about your blog. CONTENT-RICH. hehe, before you suggest anything to us, you try it urself first. You care for your visitors/readers/followers, unlike nung iba. Kahit scam na todo forward parin sa groups natin just to earn. Napopollute tuloy ung inbox hehe natin sa pinoynet..(may bitterness? hahaha). Kawawa cze ung mga baguhan, yung iba napapaniwala..

-AB (^c^,)™

Nathan Lanza said...

thanks ab! tntmad nga q minsan mgcheck dun ng email xe puro spam eh.. hehe

michelle said...

thanks for sharing this nathan. =)

Nathan Lanza said...

@michelle you're welcome!

Bernard's Corner said...

Hi Nathan,

I am a new blogger and signed in at blogger.com. Your link referral topic is useful especially to me starting out. I am a Filipino living in Vancouver, Canada. As you have mentioned in your topic, I am wanting to link my blog to you and all other bloggers who would like to do the same. My blogger URL is "http://fireourboss.blogspot.com". Any assistance from you and other fellow bloggers is greatly appreciated.



DJ said...

I signed up for link referral and it has already sent traffic to my site. This is good for Websites that have just been started. Thanks Nathan for the great information.

Anonymous said...

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Name: Evelyn Roberts
Email: evlinrobes@gmail.com

Nathan Lanza said...

@bernard's corner & dj

It sends us a number of visitors. The challenge is: how you will convert those one-time readers to an avid reader.

MsFit said...

That is some really really good advice,
I just started being active at linkReferral.
I actually signed up several years ago but had no clue what to do at the time.
I've seen alot of visits to my blog since then, it works really good!

Great blog by the way.

MsFit @ $ Quests 4 Cash- Your Source For Cash Online $

Helen Neely said...

Great resource- I will check it out later when I get home to see if it will help me make little money. Thanks for posting it:)

nathan said...

@helen it helps you gain visitors, it's up to your contents on how you will engage them and earn money from them.. thanks for the comment.. tell us how it goes for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan, great help. I enlisted one of my blogs in linkreferral. I can't figure out how to enlist my other blogs.

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