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Bloggin Is A Superhero Thing...

"Blogging is a superhero thing. A nobody by day and a blogger by night."

This is the statement that made me won an ebook worth $19.95 from shanker's contest "Define blogging and win". I haven't finished reading it yet so the review has to wait for another time.

A nobody by day and a blogger by night...
I got this idea from the my favorite comics character "The batman". Who else could you think of? The keyword is "by day" and "by night". I thought of relating it to blogging since you could have a totally different persona online. You could be someone you are not and sometimes it gives you the opportunity to get the attention you deserve.

Blogging is a superhero thing...
I firmly believe that publicity fools almost everyone. News reports and other commercials are biased when you get behind the scenes. Mass media can turn an evil vicious criminal to a superhero that everyone looks up to in just one night. Okay I'm exaggerating but the point is, as a blogger, you also carry the same burden and responsibilities to be true to your words and honestly give unprejudiced information. I've noticed recently after I read newspapers or hear some news on TV and radio, there is a certain statement about the news that favors only few selected people. Read between the lines and you'll see a whole new different perspective. Someone's hiding something. I want to emphasize this since I encounter a lot of bloggers, actually a bunch of boohoos that pretend someone that they are not. They claim things that they haven't done yet, worst is that they can't most of the time. Writing is a powerful weapon in this new kind of war most commonly known as "mass media". With all the false news spreading, it urges you more to be true and spot the lies before it takes effect.

A blogger holds great responsibilities. Be honest to your readers and true to your conviction. Au revoir!

No More Blog Post - For Now

What kept me from writing?

School Accreditation
I'm sorry for not writing this past few days. School has been busier these days especially now that it is preparing for the coming of the accreditors from a known school creditor. I can't disclose it here since I might get in trouble. Maybe after the school is credited then it will be okay to post about it.

Graduation Rush
Well anyways, my graduation is almost near so I am really getting busy these past few days. I can't write any post yet but I still visit some blogs and socialize to other bloggers that I know but not that often.

So what have I been doing this past few days?

Social Media
I'm still active in some social media, facebook to be more specific. Social media tends to have tremendous effect on our country maybe because we Filipinos love to socialize with one another. It's a dominant trait and sometimes it's really bothersome especially when you want to be alone for a awhile. I post most of my blog's link to facebook and let my friends visit it.

Challenge: Compelling Titles
Actually I find it challenging to post links to Social Media and see what the results are. Some links doesn't get the attention they deserve because of lame titles. Different people have different opinions about the title you posted. Some prefer decent while some prefer the hilarious ones. It's a series of trial and error but it's worth the effort because it's really fun.

Short Url
It is common nowadays to shorten the url so readers focus their attention more on the titles. I usually leave the shortened link after the title and it doesn't bother the readers. I got the idea on twitter when it replaces the links you post on it. It is a good thing if you do have a long url like mine.

Learn More
Don't think too much. Some posts are really interesting for some and lame for others. Just post some that you find interesting. Social media is really a great source of network traffic if done right. Although I don't blog that much now, I still try to learn some new things.

Bloggers Ain't Geeks ( well some of them )
I added some famous bloggers and see what they are doing. Surprised I was when I noticed that they ain't that busy after all. They ain't that geeky when it comes to personality. Some of them really do have a good social life. They have this balance in maintaining their offline and as well as their online world.

Although I'm that busy, I will still try to update this site if I can. Anyways, I wan't most of my blogger friends to be in my friends list on facebook too so if you would be kind enough to add me, it would be my pleasure.

Kreativ Blogger Award Goes to...

What is the Kreativ Blogger Award? It is simply an award given to someone and his blog that affects your blogging activities mainly inspired you in a positive way.

I got this idea from forest and thought of doing the same thing. If they have inspired you, why not give something of value like this award. Before I tell who are the bloggers that inspired me positively, emphasizes it just to be clear, I should tell first 7 interesting things about me. It's part of the award to give out information about yourself before you give the Kreativ Blogger award. There's no harm in following the rules.

Okay, so here are some interesting information about me...

  1. I love facebook.
  2. I started blogging last July this year and created several blogs. As of now, only 2 exist since I erased the rest.
  3. I'm very talkative and love to entertain new friends.
  4. I love business opportunities offline and online.
  5. I'm a dreamer. I dream about a lot of things. The wilder the dream, the better.
  6. I'm lazy so if you see that my blog isn't updated for more than a week, you now know what I'm going through...laziness.
  7. I love chess and so I'm a deep-thinker. I'm like the guy in prison break, only he is a lot smarter than I am. LOL
Enough about me and let's go onward to the awardees.

Yuga of Yugatech.com - Inspired me when I've read about his blog on a business magazine.

Carl of CarlOcab.com - Teen blogger that made his name on the internet as the kid super blogger at the age of 13. His blog is on the first page of the SERPs for the keyword "make money online" and he's from the same country as I am, my beloved Philippines.

John of JohnChow.com - Learned what a professional blog look's like and met new blogger friends in his site.

Jeandsen of EarningStep.com - I'm on the top of his commentator's list therefore I ensure I'm always at the top. LOL

DJ of Techonology-geek.com - He comments always on my blog and so I ensure that he read something new and interesting frequently if not everyday.

AB of TechieMaxCorner - She is the first blogger to be so active on my blog. She is the only person that witnessed my addiction on changing templates before I think. Now, I stick mainly to 1 template. I love her post about technology because it bewilders my mind.

Griz of MakeMoneyforbegginers - He dominates the SERPs on some highly competitive keywords. He broke the myth that blogspot sites cannot compete with independent hosted sites. Actually the myth was just a part of marketing by web hosting companies I think.

So written above is the top 7 bloggers that inspired me on blogging positively. Actually there are more that I wanted to mention but it will spoil the value of the award. What I wrote about the following person are based on personal judgment. If you feel different about them, that's okay.

What Compels You To Write?

Most of us started blogging to earn money. At first, the concept is difficult to adapt into since the possibility of earning through the internet is still new to majority of us. Some of us would try different sort of things just to earn. These includes selling your friends out on affiliate links or any products that even you doesn't want to get your hands on to.

I was also a victim of these since at first I really don't have much of an idea of what a blogger's goal should be. I created a post before on what a blogger's first goal should be but it is just based mostly on what I have read. Melvin knocked me off to my senses and gave a whole new perspective on blogging with his submitted post on carlocab's blog entitled Your Biggest MoneyMaker? Reputation!

Reputation as money making tool
He stated that reputation would make you earn more money compared to what you earn today from making money online methods. It is the consistent brand/image building that would truly help you reach your goals. These goals would most likely compel you to write consistently:

  • be considered as an expert in your field of choice
  • numerous business opportunities within your niche
  • high personal market value (inspired by Bo Sanchez)
It requires a lot of effort to achieve these goals but it is nothing compared to what you will gain in the future. By writing consistently, you are building an image to your readers on what you know about the things within your niche.

Be Active In Social Media

What is Social Media?
It supports the human need for social interaction using internet. It is a way for bloggers to interact with one another. A common example of this is a community for bloggers. ex. mybloglog and blogcatalog

First goal: Be recognized.
This should be the first step in your online marketing career. Your posts, how informative it may be, wouldn't be noticed without readers. Readers invigorate your blog through interactions usually through blog commenting.

Things should start working on with...
  1. Blog commenting - comment on other blogs to get the blogger and commentators attention
  2. Make friends with other bloggers - join blogging communities and share some ideas. Be more personal and share a lot of your ideas. ex. twitter, facebook
  3. Join blog contests - there are a lot of blog contests around the blogosphere, you just have to look for it. Bloggers do this to invigorate their blogs and encourage more readers. ex. top commentator, raffle emails
  4. Attend meet ups - once in awhile bloggers meet on a place or on an event, attending one gains you more exposure. You might even be invited to be an author in a multi-author blog/site. 
Moral Lesson (hahaha)
"Do unto others what you want them to do unto you." Comment on them and you would be commented on too. Destroy someone's reputation and they would do the same to you. 

As you progress, better keep that blog running with informative posts to convert those visitors to avid readers and potential customers. It would be a waste of effort if the visitors just passed by your blog once and never did come back again at all. 

I have read a lot of books lately because of the recent black outs in our place making me unable to blog which have helped me actually to get more ideas. I would share this to you next time since I'm still interrelating it with blogging. 
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