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Be Active In Social Media

What is Social Media?
It supports the human need for social interaction using internet. It is a way for bloggers to interact with one another. A common example of this is a community for bloggers. ex. mybloglog and blogcatalog

First goal: Be recognized.
This should be the first step in your online marketing career. Your posts, how informative it may be, wouldn't be noticed without readers. Readers invigorate your blog through interactions usually through blog commenting.

Things should start working on with...
  1. Blog commenting - comment on other blogs to get the blogger and commentators attention
  2. Make friends with other bloggers - join blogging communities and share some ideas. Be more personal and share a lot of your ideas. ex. twitter, facebook
  3. Join blog contests - there are a lot of blog contests around the blogosphere, you just have to look for it. Bloggers do this to invigorate their blogs and encourage more readers. ex. top commentator, raffle emails
  4. Attend meet ups - once in awhile bloggers meet on a place or on an event, attending one gains you more exposure. You might even be invited to be an author in a multi-author blog/site. 
Moral Lesson (hahaha)
"Do unto others what you want them to do unto you." Comment on them and you would be commented on too. Destroy someone's reputation and they would do the same to you. 

As you progress, better keep that blog running with informative posts to convert those visitors to avid readers and potential customers. It would be a waste of effort if the visitors just passed by your blog once and never did come back again at all. 

I have read a lot of books lately because of the recent black outs in our place making me unable to blog which have helped me actually to get more ideas. I would share this to you next time since I'm still interrelating it with blogging. 


Dana@Online Knowledge said...

Yah, it is really important to be recognized in blogosphere.

nathan said...

follow up question:
talking about blogging communities.. does anyone think that it is much better to focus on one social media to interact with or the other way around which is to diversify the use of it?

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always helpful and I'm confident that you suggest things that you yourself believe in. Great!

nathan said...

I usually get an idea to write post from my experience or from what I see from other bloggers are doing. Personal observations with a little research to back things up.

DJ said...

Great article Nathan. I have found that being active in the social media world can drive traiffic to a blog. Commenting and providing thoughtful insight on a blog will also drive readers to your blog.

Marlene said...

I'm afraid I don't have much information posted on my blog. :-)

I still have a hard time doing 2 and 4. I have my account on many social networks but I'm just there for a visit. But commenting on other blogs is the thing I can never get away with, it's like in the nature of blogging.

Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach said...

Always be known as a resource FIRST and foremost in your social networking (be it a technical, helpful, supportive, etc. resource). That definitely helps spread your reputation around in a good way.

Anything under the sun said...

bongga ang iyong blog..very informative..ang galing mo nathan! Two thumbs up sign for you!

Anything under the sun said...

Panu mo nilalagyan ng ads in between your blogs? Turuan mo ko nyan =)

Amar said...

Yeah social media is really important for any site. I am pretty active on the list you said

nathan said...

@amar good for you..actually there are more things to be active to but it takes much of my time..maybe when I blog full time.

JonQBX said...

...makes sense, there's more to learn for me. thanks for the info.

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