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Bloggin Is A Superhero Thing...

"Blogging is a superhero thing. A nobody by day and a blogger by night."

This is the statement that made me won an ebook worth $19.95 from shanker's contest "Define blogging and win". I haven't finished reading it yet so the review has to wait for another time.

A nobody by day and a blogger by night...
I got this idea from the my favorite comics character "The batman". Who else could you think of? The keyword is "by day" and "by night". I thought of relating it to blogging since you could have a totally different persona online. You could be someone you are not and sometimes it gives you the opportunity to get the attention you deserve.

Blogging is a superhero thing...
I firmly believe that publicity fools almost everyone. News reports and other commercials are biased when you get behind the scenes. Mass media can turn an evil vicious criminal to a superhero that everyone looks up to in just one night. Okay I'm exaggerating but the point is, as a blogger, you also carry the same burden and responsibilities to be true to your words and honestly give unprejudiced information. I've noticed recently after I read newspapers or hear some news on TV and radio, there is a certain statement about the news that favors only few selected people. Read between the lines and you'll see a whole new different perspective. Someone's hiding something. I want to emphasize this since I encounter a lot of bloggers, actually a bunch of boohoos that pretend someone that they are not. They claim things that they haven't done yet, worst is that they can't most of the time. Writing is a powerful weapon in this new kind of war most commonly known as "mass media". With all the false news spreading, it urges you more to be true and spot the lies before it takes effect.

A blogger holds great responsibilities. Be honest to your readers and true to your conviction. Au revoir!
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