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Kreativ Blogger Award Goes to...

What is the Kreativ Blogger Award? It is simply an award given to someone and his blog that affects your blogging activities mainly inspired you in a positive way.

I got this idea from forest and thought of doing the same thing. If they have inspired you, why not give something of value like this award. Before I tell who are the bloggers that inspired me positively, emphasizes it just to be clear, I should tell first 7 interesting things about me. It's part of the award to give out information about yourself before you give the Kreativ Blogger award. There's no harm in following the rules.

Okay, so here are some interesting information about me...

  1. I love facebook.
  2. I started blogging last July this year and created several blogs. As of now, only 2 exist since I erased the rest.
  3. I'm very talkative and love to entertain new friends.
  4. I love business opportunities offline and online.
  5. I'm a dreamer. I dream about a lot of things. The wilder the dream, the better.
  6. I'm lazy so if you see that my blog isn't updated for more than a week, you now know what I'm going through...laziness.
  7. I love chess and so I'm a deep-thinker. I'm like the guy in prison break, only he is a lot smarter than I am. LOL
Enough about me and let's go onward to the awardees.

Yuga of Yugatech.com - Inspired me when I've read about his blog on a business magazine.

Carl of CarlOcab.com - Teen blogger that made his name on the internet as the kid super blogger at the age of 13. His blog is on the first page of the SERPs for the keyword "make money online" and he's from the same country as I am, my beloved Philippines.

John of JohnChow.com - Learned what a professional blog look's like and met new blogger friends in his site.

Jeandsen of EarningStep.com - I'm on the top of his commentator's list therefore I ensure I'm always at the top. LOL

DJ of Techonology-geek.com - He comments always on my blog and so I ensure that he read something new and interesting frequently if not everyday.

AB of TechieMaxCorner - She is the first blogger to be so active on my blog. She is the only person that witnessed my addiction on changing templates before I think. Now, I stick mainly to 1 template. I love her post about technology because it bewilders my mind.

Griz of MakeMoneyforbegginers - He dominates the SERPs on some highly competitive keywords. He broke the myth that blogspot sites cannot compete with independent hosted sites. Actually the myth was just a part of marketing by web hosting companies I think.

So written above is the top 7 bloggers that inspired me on blogging positively. Actually there are more that I wanted to mention but it will spoil the value of the award. What I wrote about the following person are based on personal judgment. If you feel different about them, that's okay.


DJ said...

Thanks for the award Nathan. I really enjoy reading your posts, they are really helpful. Once again, thank you for the award.

Nathan Lanza said...

@dj no prob..

Dexter | Techathand.net said...

Nice choice of site :)

nathan said...

@dexter hey you're new here.

Susan said...

I'm surprised you erased the old ones. Sometimes I keep old ones up just in case...and in some cases they pay for themselves plus more for sitting dormant. Of course, I would measure the pros and cons, because you still need to perform upkeep on those sites (security, etc.)

nathan said...

@susan Maybe it's one of my mistakes as a beginner.

AB said...

wow! thanks for including my blog on the list.. haha.. it really feels good.. (^c^,)™

waahhh, i missed blogging so badly.. a few weeks more and i'll be back.. can't wait to be alive and kicking again.. haha

nathan said...

@ab take your time.. ^_^

Millionaire Acts said...

Nice list! I hope you can also drop by in my site and perhaps you might also consider my blog in your next Kretiv Blogger Award. :)

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