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No More Blog Post - For Now

What kept me from writing?

School Accreditation
I'm sorry for not writing this past few days. School has been busier these days especially now that it is preparing for the coming of the accreditors from a known school creditor. I can't disclose it here since I might get in trouble. Maybe after the school is credited then it will be okay to post about it.

Graduation Rush
Well anyways, my graduation is almost near so I am really getting busy these past few days. I can't write any post yet but I still visit some blogs and socialize to other bloggers that I know but not that often.

So what have I been doing this past few days?

Social Media
I'm still active in some social media, facebook to be more specific. Social media tends to have tremendous effect on our country maybe because we Filipinos love to socialize with one another. It's a dominant trait and sometimes it's really bothersome especially when you want to be alone for a awhile. I post most of my blog's link to facebook and let my friends visit it.

Challenge: Compelling Titles
Actually I find it challenging to post links to Social Media and see what the results are. Some links doesn't get the attention they deserve because of lame titles. Different people have different opinions about the title you posted. Some prefer decent while some prefer the hilarious ones. It's a series of trial and error but it's worth the effort because it's really fun.

Short Url
It is common nowadays to shorten the url so readers focus their attention more on the titles. I usually leave the shortened link after the title and it doesn't bother the readers. I got the idea on twitter when it replaces the links you post on it. It is a good thing if you do have a long url like mine.

Learn More
Don't think too much. Some posts are really interesting for some and lame for others. Just post some that you find interesting. Social media is really a great source of network traffic if done right. Although I don't blog that much now, I still try to learn some new things.

Bloggers Ain't Geeks ( well some of them )
I added some famous bloggers and see what they are doing. Surprised I was when I noticed that they ain't that busy after all. They ain't that geeky when it comes to personality. Some of them really do have a good social life. They have this balance in maintaining their offline and as well as their online world.

Although I'm that busy, I will still try to update this site if I can. Anyways, I wan't most of my blogger friends to be in my friends list on facebook too so if you would be kind enough to add me, it would be my pleasure.


DJ said...

Good luck with everything Nathan. I know how the feeling when you try to juggle school and blogging. Keep your head in the game and when everything is said and done you will come out on top.

nathan said...

@dj thanks! I actually write posts on my notebook since I don't carry my laptop everyday due to its weight. I would just find the time to transfer it here.

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