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What Compels You To Write?

Most of us started blogging to earn money. At first, the concept is difficult to adapt into since the possibility of earning through the internet is still new to majority of us. Some of us would try different sort of things just to earn. These includes selling your friends out on affiliate links or any products that even you doesn't want to get your hands on to.

I was also a victim of these since at first I really don't have much of an idea of what a blogger's goal should be. I created a post before on what a blogger's first goal should be but it is just based mostly on what I have read. Melvin knocked me off to my senses and gave a whole new perspective on blogging with his submitted post on carlocab's blog entitled Your Biggest MoneyMaker? Reputation!

Reputation as money making tool
He stated that reputation would make you earn more money compared to what you earn today from making money online methods. It is the consistent brand/image building that would truly help you reach your goals. These goals would most likely compel you to write consistently:

  • be considered as an expert in your field of choice
  • numerous business opportunities within your niche
  • high personal market value (inspired by Bo Sanchez)
It requires a lot of effort to achieve these goals but it is nothing compared to what you will gain in the future. By writing consistently, you are building an image to your readers on what you know about the things within your niche.


Next Big Idea said...

I agree that you should have a goal to really keep you going. The goal can be anything, as long as it is important to you, and one that makes you a better person, for yourself and others as well. Just like what you're doing.

Nathan Lanza said...

The post was a draft and had few mistakes in terms of grammar. Thanks po sa ngcorrect.

@nextbigidea there is also passion. It coincides with pursuing your goals.

PENoy said...

I agree that reputation is important in establishing a niche in the Internet that would make the blog eventually earn more. Some internet marketing experts call it Branding.

Dana@Online Knowledge said...

Yah, we sell reputation and trust indeed.

DJ said...

My blog is a month old and I keep asking myself, why do I write? At first, it was a way for me to make a little extra money on the side. Now, I really could care less about the money. I really enjoy writing and helping others to solve their problems. I also like to interact with other people and blogging is a for sure way to do this. Great post Nathan.

Nathan Lanza said...

@penoy yes, blogging is business and should also build its own brand.

@dana reputation should not be taken lightly since it takes a lot of effort to earn and in a simple mistake, it could all be destroyed.

@dj we almost had the same experience as we started.. I also noticed that you're also active since I see you a lot on blogs that I visit.

Marlene said...

I had a personal website before and my reason to include a blog on it is to easily update the content. But it seems that blogging is irresistible so I've been compelled to write anything, even nonsensible things. :-) Though I love writing my thoughts when I was in school.

DJ said...


I try to be as active as possible. I have found a lot of awesome blogs just like yours from visiting the big timers. Keep up the good work Nathan.

Walter said...

Reputation is extremely important to earn from your blog. Actually, monetizing should not be the focus, it should be quality and connecting. :-)

Nathan Lanza said...

@dj thanks..do keep on blogging ^_^

@walter I agree on that.. Nice avatar by the way..

Earn Money At Home said...

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Surender Sharma said...

Money making goal should be secondry.If you want to earn money from blog then you should become a popular authority first.
The hunger of the informative content compel me to write and write on my blog.
Anyways,Thanks for the share and care.

Dana@Online Knowledge said...

Yes, agree with you man. Good reputation is a must if we want to earn from our blog/site.

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