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RSS Feeds - A Must Have!

What is an RSS feed?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a notification system used to alert subscribers to changes or updates made to their favorite web sites, blogs, music sites, etc. It is easy to recognize that the site is RSS-enabled by the orange rectangular button that allows visitors to subscribe.

RSS feeds is essential in web marketing to stay connected with potential customers notifying them that your website is updating something encouraging them to visit it, thus giving you traffic also. Building a better relationship with your customers is a must in a growing business.

There are lots of services in the web that would handle your RSS feeds and FeedBurner which is associated with Google is one of them. They offer a good subscribers list handling service with a lot of tools to track its performance for free. Blogger has it's own rss feeds but it offers no tools to customize your feeds so I don't recommend it much. FeedBurner extracts your rss feeds and sends it to feed aggregators (Google reader) chosen by your subscribers.

The things I like about FeedBurner:
  1. Visual graphs - shows the performance of your feeds
  2. SmartFeed - makes your feeds work in any reader (desktop, web, mobile)
  3. Monetize with Google ads - associated with big "G" remember?
  4. Cool chicklet - standard icon for RSS feeds
How to use FeedBurner:
  1. Subscribe to FeedBurner
  2. Copy your feeds URL provided by FeedBurner
  3. Go to Blogger editor > Settings Tab > Site Feed section
  4. Paste your feeds URL to Post Feed Redirect URL textbox
  5. Save settings then your finished!
All your recent posts will be sent to your subscribers automatically. It urges you to write more consistently. That's for today my fellow bloggers! ^-^


DJ said...

Do you prefer RSS or subscribe by email? I was considering taking off the RSS feed from my site but have not did it yet.

nathan said...

I use both actually..but I prefer email ^-^

Davies Lim said...

I prefer email as well. Sometimes subscribing to too many RSS feeds will make things harder to read. Also, email feels more personal, which is what i like :)

nathan said...

@davies lim being personal is important to gain your customers trust.

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