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Top 13 WordPress Plugins A Blog Should Have!

Install the following plugins to optimize your blog. Note: this is only for WordPress hosted blogs.

1. Akismet – This plugin helps eliminate comment spam.
2. Optimal Title – This plugin allows you to optimize the title of your blog post in order to improve your search engine rankings.
3. Ultimate Tag Warrior – The best tag system for WordPress.
4. Google Sitemap Generator – This plugin will enable you to automatically generate a Google sitemap for your blog.
5. Show Top Commentators – This plugin encourages feedback and discussion by rewarding the top commentators with a link back to their site in the sidebar.
6. Related Posts – This plugin will find other blog posts that are related to the current post. This encourages extra page views and keeps readers at your blog for a longer period of time.
7. Super Archive – One of the best archives system.
8. WP-Cache – This plugin is an extremely efficient caching system that will make your site much faster.
9. WP-ContactForm – This plugin allows your readers to easily email you. It also helps avoid spam.
10. Popularity Contest – This plugin determines which of your posts are most popular and then puts them in the sidebar.
11. Adsense Deluxe – This plugin makes it easy to implement Adsense into your blog.
12. Sociable – This plugin helps you spread your content through social bookmarking sites like Digg, del.icio.us,reddit, and others.
13. Feedburner Feed Replacement – This plugin directs all of your feed traffic to Feedburner, ensuring accurate readership stats. This plugin will also convert any existing subscribers from the old feed to the FeedBurner one.

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earningstep said...

nice thanks for this tips...i miss the number three .. but i will looking forward for this plugin.

Nathan Lanza said...

i love comment luv..i just can get to make it work here LOL

probloggeronline said...

great blog, and a great content in it, i am new to wp,

Nathan Lanza said...

@probloggeronline thanks for the compliment

DJ said...

Nice list here Nathan. I need to get some of those plug-ins.

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