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Make Money Online Blogging II

Introduction to some SEO stuffs and blog promotion.

SEO is a short term for (search engine optimization). These are little tweaks that optimizes your page for better indexing and blog promotion is introducing your blog to the internet. Let's look at it in a more simpler way. Imagine your blog as a public utility vehicle. The vehicle who gets to the passenger faster makes more money! SEO is the steering wheel while blog promotion are the upgrades you make to a car to improve performance such as better engine and new tires while the road and the passengers are the ranking in search engine results. Let's focus first on some SEO strategies.

Search Engine Optimization:

Keywords Optimization has been briefly discussed on the previous article of this series. Keywords are words used by search engines to categorize your site to which niche it belongs to. Common mistakes of bloggers is that they use a lot of irrelevant keywords thus confusing the search engine in categorizing you. We want to optimize our keywords so we would be placed along side the blogs on the same niche as ours. Why is it so? Simple, a guy looking for a date would not search for a prospect on blogs that contains information about guys...unless

1. Keywords are best included in the title of your site. If you can, insert it also in the URL of your site. Titles of your site and post uses h1 and h2 tags in which search engines looks for keywords. Most common layouts and templates of blogger sets the titles as h1 and h2 therefore you don't need to worry yourself too much on this.

2. Keyword volume contributes a large factor in SEO since the more your keywords are repeated on a site, the more the search engines thinks your content is about the keyword you are pertaining to. Keyword spamming is the term called for inserting too much repeated keyword on a content. Insert 5 to 6 related keywords per 100 words to make it look like a normal content. As you can see, from the beginning of this post upto this point, I've mentioned the keywords "keyword" and "SEO" more than once.

3. Keywords for alt tags means you insert your keyword as an alternate tag for an image. Alt tags are words that are shown whenever an image has been loaded unsuccessfully. More on alt tags on this link Alt Tags

4. Keywords on image names simply states that in naming images, insert also your keywords.

5. Unique relevant contents pertains to the post you publish. Though there are great number of splogs "spam blogs" which contains duplicate content from another site, unique contents improve your SEO more. But make sure your topic is related to your niche. Some rambling is good once in a while but stick to your niche when posting stuffs. 3 niche posts to 1 rambling post is a good ratio. Rambling contents are stuffs not related to your topic, either these posts are personal or just not related. Frequent updates makes search engines index your page a lot more therefore post in a regular basis.

All the stuffs mention above are called on-page optimization. To optimize the website, you edit the stuffs on the page itself. However there are some more factors that affects the site drastically. More on this factors will be explained in the next article of the Make Money Online Series.


DJ said...

So is it a good idea to use the same key keywords over and over. When I do a post for my Wordpress blog there is a section that automatically gives the keywords to use. I just click the button and voila, they are inserted. I have heard Google punishing bloggers for using some shady keyword tactics and don't want this to happen to me.

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