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Make Money Online Blogging IV

Last article Make Money Online Blogging III talks about link building strategy through link exchange. Today's topic will discuss the rest of the steps to create more backlinks linking to your site to increase page rank.

As we all know, to make money online from your blog, we make use of this formula:
Make Money Online = Blog + Dedication + Monetization + Page Rank

This article will tackle more on how to get more backlinks and thus increasing page rank of your website.

1. Article Writing
Whenever you write an article for your blog, it's best to submit it too on free article directories. Submitting your article with your link below as a signature will get more exposure to the public. Readers that are interested in your topic may visit your site or repost it to their blogs including your link thus earning you backlinks from his/her site.

Below is a list of some free article directories that I prefer.
  1. EzineArticles
  2. GoArticles
  3. ArticleHub
  4. ArticlesBase
Note: Duplicate contents may be punished by Google so it's best to modify the article a little before submitting it.

2. Guest Posting
Voluntarily posting for someone else's blog can earn you backlinks and a friend blogger as well. Some blogs invite other bloggers to guest post on their blog and if there's no option for you to guest post, you can still contact the owner and ask for permission. Be sure to include your link in the article and don't repost it in your blog. Some bloggers are picky so you may want to research a little to provide quality content.

3. Forums
Forums are online discussion sites which covers different topics. To search for a forum about your topic, search on the search engines the topic name + forum. Thus, if I'm looking for forums about cats, I will search for the keyword "cats forum" in the search engines. Be active in discussions and share your expertise on a topic leaving your blog's link as a signature to earn you backlinks. Active forums are updated frequently therefore search engine crawls to this site at that pace too. Remember to use your keyword in which you want to be ranked on your signatures.

4. Site Directories
Submitting your blog/site to directories will earn you more exposure to other bloggers and backlinks. This service is a good opportunity for bloggers to look for blogs related to their niche. Site submitted to this directories sometimes are reviewed by real people to prevent splogs ( spam blogs) infiltrating their listings.

This will be all for today. Next article will be about ways to make money online blogging through advertisements and affiliates.
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