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Make Money Online Blogging III

Last article tackled about on-page factors. This article would be more about the off-page optimization. It is a known fact that the off-page factors contribute more on in terms of increasing page ranking. These factors are time-consuming and mostly needs effort but it's all worth doing it. ^-^

Traffic is very important for a blog. It pertains to the number of persons reading your blog. A blog, informative as it may seem, needs readers to promote it. Without it, your blog is dead. Why do I mention this? One of the off-page optimization factors that I'm about to mention is Back Links.

What are backlinks?
Backlinks, are links that connects back to your blog. ^-^ Simple isn't it.
So, what about it? Backlinks are considered by search engines as a vote for a blog. When a site has a link back to someone else's blog, therefore it is voting that the blog it is linking back to contains informative posts as well.
What is a link anyway? Well, this is a link. Sample Link
The link serves as a sample only and I didn't link it to an existing site. This means that I'm casting a vote for that link and search engines considers it a plus point to be added to that site's page ranking.

How do I earn backlinks?
Earning backlinks is a time consuming job. There is no shortcut to this because you're asking someone else to make a link back to your site. Here are some of the things you might do to earn it.

1. Link Exchange is making a link to someone to reciprocate his link to you. Bloggers prefer this more since it helps both sites in increasing their page rank.
How do i earn it? You can get it by informing a site's webmaster/blogger to exchange links with you . Look for a site worthy of exchanging links with then contact the owner and state your purpose which is to exchange links with him/her. Not everyone may approved to this since some are picky in terms of exchanging links with someone else. Some prefer to exchange links with sites with a page rank higher than 3. A page is ranked from 0 to 10 in which 10 is the highest. There are only few sites that has a page rank of 7 and above and earning them really needs some serious hard work. You might consider focusing on lower page ranking sites since these are the more common ones and easier to get. Here are the steps you would do.
  • Search for a site related to your niche - relevance is important.
  • Contact the owner
  • Politely invite him to exchange link with you (black mailing him might work too..hehe)
Things that should be INCLUDED in your mail to the blogger is enumerated below.
  • Your objective ( link exchange)
  • Your link description (NathanBloggersPortal)
  • Your site's URL (http://nathanbloggersportal.blogspot.com)
  • The page on your site in which you posted the blogger's link ( tip: post his link first to your site, if he doesn't want to exchange links with you, then remove it.)
  • Ask him to send the proper details so you can edit his link description.
Your link should look like this in his site NathanBloggersPortal Be sure he is linking back to you by checking on the page in which he posted your link. Continuation on next article.
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