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Don't Give Up On Your Blog

Lately I have been busy with a lot of school work but honestly, I have been quite slacking off writing posts in this blog since I don't really know what to do next. There are ideas in my mind but something keeps me from not doing it. It's the attitude where we want all the lights to be green before they take a road trip.

Over the last few days I utter the following excuses when I give out my schedule of work.
  1. This seems like too much work.
  2. I am not sure whether this will work, is it worth the risk?
  3. I want to ensure my page will convert before sending it traffic.
Is it just me or too many people are afraid of work. I've read a post from Darren entitled "How Passion Can Transform Your Blog" and this is what I've learned. Success comes from hard work and there may be some short cuts but it seems like people just don't even want to invest some hours trying things.

I am in the venture of discovering fresh ideas on tips in blogging and traffic generation methods. It takes me 9 bad ideas just to come up with 1 good idea. It is hard work but it pays off at the end.

Be prepared to work if you want to get paid. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and many other super rich people go to work early every morning.

Respect the process, invest the time, reap the rewards.

Next thing to do...


Dj said...

I read the same blog post from problogger. Sometimes things can be rough but you have to keep yourself motivated and passionate. I am at the begginig of my blogging career and I keep telling myself it takes time and practice before things fall into place. I understand where you come from about the school work. I am a 3/4 time student plus I work full time. Sometimes it gets overwhelming but that's the time when you step back and go fishing. That's what I do.

Nathan Lanza said...

Thanks dj for sharing this info.

Raphnexx Search Engine Optimization Specialist said...

Wow ,Nathan you are a good blogger .I reading a lot of your insights about blogging

Nathan Lanza said...

@raphnexx Thanks for the comment

Next Big Idea said...

Sometimes I catch this feeling like common cold, I do want to give up on my blog. Just too much time and effort and it seems "nobody, nobody but you" (just like how the song goes), yup only me, myself and I, am reading my posts, heheh. Well, as you said, we're not alone on this struggle. Don't give up.

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