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Stuffs I Do In 4 Internet Hours Per Day

If we are serious with our blogs, we should spend some time updating it regularly. There are a lot of questions on the internet on how many hours should we spend on blogs in a regular basis. As stated in the title of this topic, I spend 4 hours a day. I try to stick to it to have some time with other daily chores.

The internet is so addicting sometimes with all the distractions that you may encounter while you surf the net. Distractions such as inviting videos, catchy gossips, cool pictures and others more. This takes up a lot of your time thus making you more unproductive and your time and effort is spent inefficiently. I know because I experience this too a lot more than you know actually. Hehe

To fix this habit, I created a to-do list but to make it more effective, I inserted the value of time well spent therefore I include the "4 internet hours per day basis". This is the list:

  • Check my email - I receive notifications in email if someone commented on my blog
  • Check my blog stats - page views and clicks through mybloglog stats and Google Analytics
  • Make a blog post - not on a daily basis especially if I wanted to expose more to the public a featured post
  • Read and leave a comment on other blogs - I have this favorite blogs of mine but I'll share those on my next blog post since I will be featuring them.
  • Check on my blog - I have this addiction of making my blog look clean and professional
  • Visit forums - this is quite boring but the information you will gather from here is the best..geeks are wonderful
  • Look for more ideas on blog promotion - there are a lot of ideas in the net but not all works out, a 10 mistake to 1 correct ratio.
  • Answer some questions on yahoo and other Q & A sites - I leave a link to my site usually after I answered the question properly.
  • Check twitter and facebook - promote blog (yeah right) actually more on ramblings and rants
  • Jot down the tasks I will do tomorrow - I add the tasks I wasn't able to accomplish at the top of the list for tomorrow.
That is all my fellow bloggers. I was able to spend double my productivity with this to-do list since I don't forget anymore the things that I will do and I avoid some distractions since I under time pressure. (4 hours per day remember?) Have a nice day!
Next thing to do...


Shawn De Costa(ubuntusl) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nathan Lanza said...

@shawn I appreciate the comment about my blog but I found a part of your comment a little unfriendly to big "G" so I deleted it.

Sorry for that.

Dindo said...

This is great - spending 4 hours online. Keep up the good work.

Nathan Lanza said...

@dindo I usually spend more hours before but it is really not practical if you spend more time in ramblings and other distractions.

poorblogger said...

In worksday I spent about 4 hours..
In holiday i take about 6-7 hours..
It ain't easy especially when you manage more than 4 blog but it is a challenge ..

isang said...

how i wish you will have now a passive income in your blogs..... happy blogging to all of us...

God is good all the time...

Glory to God... Glory to Christ Jesus... amen.

nathan said...

@isang thanks and God bless..sumali po aq as encoder and intercesor sa light of jesus.

DJ said...

Four hours a day is about right. I would do this if I had enough time. I just work on posts mainly, once in a while do some editing. I do comment on other blogs as well. Great post Nathan!

Next Big Idea said...

You are a great blogger. I just wish I could do more, but my skills are limited. You are also generous in your knowledge-sharing. You make things easy to do for you summarize well. Good job!

Rhedz said...

thanks a lot for the advise...this is something that i could try and help me improve my blogging..hope you will keep on helping and advising especially the new bloggers like me..thanks!

poorblogger said...

Most of your stuff is same as me, but I adding some :-
1) Check earning.
2) Chatting to find opportunity.
3) Playing some games.. Maybe about 10 minutes to release tension..

nathan said...

I do my chatting and playing games activities on facebook. I just limit my time though since it's very addicting.

junayad khan said...

Thank you so much for providing these valuable information. I’m looking forward to the next time that I get to come to your blog.

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