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Make Money Online Blogging I

This is the first article about Make Money Online with Blogging.

I want to start this article about what blogging is all about and how to make money with it along the way. Some close friends of mine emailed me asking for some help in blogging. Due to them, I thought of making this series. Thanks Mish and Paul for inspiring me.

What is a blog?
Blog is an abbreviation of the two terms "web" and "log". Weblog as it may seem if combined but they truncated the "we" and thus, "blog" is created.

What is blogging?
Blogging is some sort of a personal page in which a blogger can share his personal thoughts about a topic with fellow bloggers in the blogosphere.

How do we make money online with blogs?
There are several ways to make money online with blogs. As for now, let's settle for the most common which is advertisements and affiliates. For starters, the commonly used advertising company is Google Adsense. I'll talk about affiliates on the next articles to come.

What is Google Adsense and how do earn money from it?
Google Adsense is the Google's solution to expand advertising monetization program for websites which is released on June 18,2003. It inserts filtered ads related to your niche in your website depending on the location that you selected. Bloggers earn money from it whenever someone clicked the ads.

More on Google Adsense
There are two methods of earning money in blogging with Google Adsense. These are the pay-per-click and pay-per-thousand. Pay-per-click pays you for every click through an ad has receives while pay-per-thousand pays you when you display the ads on your blog for 1000 times. Displaying the ads on a site is called "ads impression". Therefore pay-per-thousand pertains to pay-per-thousand(impressions).


Step 1 - Choose Your Niche
We are making blogs for money therefore, find a topic that you like and seemingly have potentials to make money with. Niche pertains to the topic that you want your site to focus on since it's the topic in which you will make money online.

Step 2 - Choose Your Keywords
Keywords is the most essential tool in making your site in the top of the list. Keywords are the terms searched by an individual to look for something that they like. Look at the keyword typed in the example below.
A blog's main goal is to get to the top of the list of Google Search Engine to get more targeted traffic and thus, more income probability. The more visitors that enter your site, the higher the probability your ads will be clicked. In a broader concept, more possible consumers in which you can sell things with are visiting your site. These people visiting your site because they found you on the first 3 pages of Google are considered targeted consumers since they are looking for something that they want in Google Search Engine and found out that you are on the top of the list therefore, they are expecting that you can offer something to them in regards to the thing they are looking for.

Words to ponder: Google Search Engine
The picture mentioned above is where we search and the program handling the "searching job" is the Search Engine.

Step 3 - Count Your Competitors
This one is no-brainer. You don't want to compete to more than 1 million persons in your niche. Search for a desired keyword in the Google search bar such as "Make Money Online" and the result page will show how many competitors you would be taking on if you continue on that niche.

Step 4 - Count The Advertisers
If we are to make a niche blog, we would want to make sure that there are advertisements for that particular niche. We prefer related ads since it's more probable to be clicked by a person who stumbled on your site looking for something related in your niche.

Google Adsense Formula
Income from ads = ads clicked X no. of people

Step 5 - Make A Blog
All this preparation would be in vain if you don't make a blog. Just do it! Worry about the page factors later on. We learn best from our experiences. There are several web host companies to host your site but if you prefer the best next thing! which is being free, here are some of the platforms that you may choose from. Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad.

Closing Tip for Make Money Online with Blogging Part I article.
If your keyword is so populated by competitors, change to profitable niche or be more specific with your niche. If you are looking for tips for "Hamster Care", you may find yourself competing with more than a million people since the topic is so broad. Choose your niche specifically. You may want to change the keywords to "Hamster Care in Summer Seasons" then sell something summer stuffs specifically for hamsters.

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