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Best PTC Sites

Earn money just from viewing advertisements.
The PTC pay-to-click sites offer members friendly-user interface where they can click for a certain ad and remain on the website in which the ads reffered to on a given amount of time. About 20 to 30 seconds of your time actually, multiplied by the numbers of ads viewed. Below is a list of the PTC sites that I use.

  1. TuiBux - $0.01 per click
  2. QualityBux - $0.02 per click
  3. Project-Bux - $0.01 per click
  4. NeoBux - $0.02 per click
  5. Bux.to - $0.01 per click

It doesn't pay much but it's a good way to earn money online ^-^

Question: How do i recieve payments?
Answer: Recieve payment with Paypal or AlertPay

Question: How much do i need to signup for a PTC site?
Answer: FREE! Macharap ang libre ^-^

Question: Do i need to link a bank account to Paypal and AlertPay?
Answer: Not actually, you can use the credits to purchase stuffs online.

Question: What if I want to withdraw my Paypal and AlertPay credits to cash?
Answer: That's the time you are required to link a bank account.

Question: Anymore questions? ^o^


kitchenlifeblogs said...

I have an account in clixsense.com ,it says click per pay or payper click but you have to upgrade to a premium memebership for you to avail the commisions or before they pay you,nonetheless if your a free subscriber you just receive .01 for a referral ..is this the same?How can i determine it is not a scam?

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