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Importance of Backlinks

What are backlinks?
Backlinks are links that are directed towards your site. Some site may link towards you to let their readers view what you have to say about a related topic. Need an example? Look at the right side of my site there is column there named featured sites.

Why is it important?
It has become more valuable because this is one of the off-page factors that affects your page rank. A page rank is something like a website's value. When you search for a common term in Google.com, websites that has high page ranking are shown on the top of the list. People of the internet browse the first 3 pages of the search page. If you are ranked 1000th, there's a little chance that you will get noticed. Remember that our goal is to be ranked 1st! ^o^ Anyways, there are a lot of advantages of a high ranking page even if you're not 1st...yet.

How do we earn backlinks?
  1. Post regularly unique quality posts. ( what makes a post unique is your personal opinions on a certain topic or niche )
  2. Submit articles to free article directories and leave your link on it. (If someone would like to post your article on their site, they are required to not to edit it therefore your backlink stays on that article on his site )
  3. Invite the owner of the site related to yours to exchange links with you. ( persuade him if you must ^o^)
  4. Leave your site's address to the comment boxes of other sites. (might not work since some sites have no_follow scripts...well take your chances ^o^)
  5. Participate on forums and leave your link as a signature. ( make it look like a simple signature not a website campaign )
  6. Tell your friends and families that if ever they will make a site/blog, put your link on theirs. ( if they don't know how to make one, you do it then make them update it! ^o^ )
  7. Whenever you're having a conversation with someone, cite as frequently as you can your site address. ( hehe)
Reminder: Choose your link partners carefully

Who you want to exchange links with:
  1. Sites related to your niche / preferred topic.
  2. Sites that are updated regularly. ( you don't want to link with an abandoned site )
  3. Site of your friends and families.
  4. Sites that you want to be friends with. ( hmm.. hidden agenda hehe)

Who not to link with:
  1. Sites with duplicate content. ( you can state your personal opinion on an article, make a summary out of it )
  2. Site with hidden text. ( usually text in color white to be invisible to the naked eye )
  3. Sites with bad reputation.
Here are some of the useful info, hope it helps you well. Goodluck with your back-linking strategy. ^o^ Nathan here! don't forget to subscribe to my rss and emails.

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