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Advantages of High Ranking Page Rank

Many would go all out just to boost their page rank and why is it so? Here are some advantages of having a high rated page rank.

Advertiser's "apple of the eye"
Advertisers are willing to pay you that "extra cash" just to get their name embedded on your website. They will use banner or request for a link or what so ever they may think of.

Authority of a certain topic
They consider the site as an authority. This is the mind set commonly of people, "Page Rank means Best Quality content". They consider the site first among the rest that is in the same category therefore it recieves more traffic.

The webmaster is considered as a celebrity. Others pay you for a review or simply just a comment about something related to your niche since page rank is a powerful offline tool as well.

Next post will tackle about ways to earn money from high page rank.

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