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6 Practical Ways To Survive a Major Philippine Flood

Warning: This is not like my usual posts about blogging.

A storm has caught the Philippines unaware of the vast streams of water it has brought. I was currently on my way home worrying about my family's sake and my own as well. I've crossed the flooded streets for 2 straight hours, witnessed some being taken away by the fast gushing streams of water which I can do nothing about since I too am in a hopeless condition. As soon as I've reached shelter in a form of a LRT 2 station, there are only two things on my mind which is travel safely back to our house and ensure my family is safe. To reach these goals I've conditioned my mind on the following:

  • think quickly - time is of the essence, come up with a good decision quickly
  • conserve energy - don't do unecessary things
  • be strong willed - keep on going and never turn back
  • be clever - be smart enough to choose the road to take. There is always a better road to partake.
  • stay focused - avoid things that may distract you
  • think positive - positive persons attracts positive things and events
These are the lessons I've learned which hopefully next time an event like this occur would help me to become more prepared. I'm sure some of you have your own stories to tell. Care to share it here? 

I'll get back at you as soon as I can.


nathan said...

Additional info: the storm's name is Ondoy
The news is everywhere so it wouldn't be hard to know more info. If you want to help out, we filipinos would appreciate it. I say thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is okay now. My in-laws place was affected severely. Our store got flooded but I thank God He has kept us all safe. Psalm 91.

Raphnexx Search engine Optimization Marketer said...

Hope many will offer donations .This is a disaster.

DJ said...

I hope everything is alright with everyone in the Philippines. I have a few friends that I met was in the Army that are from the Philippines. Be safe Nathan.

Cyberdenizen said...

I'm in Aklan. We went through the same ordeal last year with Typhoon Frank, that's why I really feel for the victims of this disaster. It's really difficult and humbling to be in that situation.

I believe that the worst of tragedies can bring out the best in people. This is an opportunity for us to love. Let's do everything we can to help.

nathan said...

I'm safe since we only experience flood. The vicinities close to the main rivers are those that I'm worried of. I offer a little help that's why I can't blog yet. Our electricity is cut off too to prevent accidents.

Rowena said...

yah Ondoy or ketsana has caused so much damage in the Philippine territory these might be attributed to climate changes.. so lets all expect and be prepared for the same strength of typhoon in the future...


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